Welcome to the fractal gallery. You'll find an exposition of various images. These images are created through special programs.

I used math to develop these graphical representations. They have an artistic and personal purposes only.

What are fractals? What is their utility?

Fractals are very special images. These images are calculated using special algorithms.

Unlike other images, fractals have a very complex structure, uninterpretable with a simple program to display images.

Due to their complexity, These images take back various scenes of nature as: rivers, lakes, vegetables (for example, the cauliflower), coastal or even climatic phenomena such as snow.

Somiglianza tra delta e frattale

Have you noticed? The fractal in question resembles the delta of the Ganges.

Fractals, therefore, are useful to study and understand the structure of the planet Earth and its nature. Fractals also have other applications:

  • Computer (for example, fractal compression)
  • Artistic (fractal art and music)

Mandelbrot fractal

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