GNU Xaos tutorial

What is GNU Xaos?

GNU Xaos is an orbit fractal generation software. Rispetto agli altri programmi, it loads and renders quickly fractals.

Where can I download it?

From this address:

The window

Basic Commands

  • Holding down the left mouse button: magnify fractal
  • Holding down the right mouse button: reduce fractal
  • “p” key: Random color palette
  • “/” key: displays the status of the fractal
  • “d” key: default palette
  • Up arrow key: increase the zoom speed
  • Down arrow key: decrease the zoom speed
  • Left Arrow key: decrease the number of iteration
  • Right Arrow key: aumenta il numero di calcoli iterativi (an high value requires a longer calculation)
  • “a” key: autopilot
  • “r” key: recalculate fractal
  • “z” key: stop calculation

The menu

  • File: main file settings
  • Edit: simple edit menu (copy, paste, undo and redo)
  • Fractal: choose your fractal type with its coloring algorithm
  • Calculation: edit the fractal calculation
  • Filters: graphic filters to enhance or beautify the fractal
  • UI: changes the magnification speed or change other options
  • Miscellaneous: view other options. These options are used primarily to create movies
  • Help: view a comprehensive guide both on fractals and on the GNU Xaos program

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