Julia mode

The Julia mode is a particular mode to represent the fractal.

To simplify the actions, you can use the fast Julia mode too. To enter this mode go to Calculation>Fast Julia mode or, simply, premendo il tasto “j” key.

Modalità Julia veloce

Fast Julia mode

How does the Fast Julia mode function

Hold down the left mouse button, then move the mouse pointer to change the Julia seed. Releasing the mouse pointer on a specific point, the program will store the coordinates. To get them we must go to Fractal>Mandelbrot mode and disable the check.

After clicking, it will show this dialog box:

Disattivazione della modalità Mandelbrot

Disabling the Mandelbrot mode

Have you seen? Il campo “Seme di Julia” has stored the coordinates, obtained during the utilisation of the fast Julia mode. Ora basta soltanto far click su “OK”.

Il frattale Julia

The Julia fractal

Useful Tips

You can store more precise coordinates in the fast Julia mode if you magnify the fractal.

If you want to set custom values ​​in the deactivation window of Mandelbrot mode, you must set off the fast Julia mode.

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