The fractal history

Relationship between man and nature

The man has always been inspired by nature, since prehistoric times. But the human being was enthralled by new technologies.

From 1800 to 1900

During this period many scientists discovered many IFS fractals.

The human being wants to remove "fractal" from its natural meaning because he considers the nature an inferior entity.

The beginning of 1900

Scientists Gaston Julia and Pierre Fatou designed the first orbit fractal, called the Julia's set.

The Great War, the Second World War and the Cold War

Because of these wars, Planet Earth has been brutally exploited by making it a ground war. Indeed, due to the excessive use of weapons, the Earth has changed its primordial structure.


Benoit Mandelbrot drew the first orbit fractal. This fractal was called Mandelbrot Set. Furthermore, many scientists optimized this process improving mathematical and graphical techniques. The iterative function of this fractal is very simple: z0=z2+c.

Toward the postmodern civilization

During this time the computer is no longer needed only to calculate, but to search new information. After the 80s, scientists created the first internet network. Through this network, everyone is able to share their information.

The unsustainable growth of urban society has brought a climate, a natural phenomena and an environment alterations. From that moment the climate crisis begun. This crisis will involve all human beings on the planet.

There were developed the first fractal art movements (an artistic representation of the fractal) and new softwares as:

  • FracTree
  • FractInt
  • Apophysis
  • GNU Xaos
  • Incendia
  • And much more

In 2009 The mathematician White has developed a program that make a three-dimensional, or even a four-dimensional fractal. This program is called Mandelbulb3D and is still undergoing testing.

Only recently, the man is trying to regain the moral and cultural values ​​of nature and complexity of mathematics.

Well… it is never too late…

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